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James M. Tate created Cult Film Freak for movie fans, centering on the actors and actresses who appeared in classic films (insight from the people who were not only there when it happened, but helped make it happen) featuring written interviews within the site and links leading to related Cult Film Freak outlets: The Podcast/Radio show is part of and you can also check out the Movie Reviews, Film Retrospectives, and Transcribed Interviews. All links can be found above: on either the slideshow or the options at the top right.

Although it’s impossible to interview John Wayne, Charlton Heston, John Cassavetes, Orson Welles, Lawrence Tierney, Charles Bronson, or Steve McQueen, the Cult Film Freak written and podcast interviews, with actors and actresses who worked with these, and other legendary icons, provide stories and insights about them.

From the words of Orson Welles:

"This hand that touches you now once touched the hand of Sarah Bernhardt - can you imagine that? When she was young, Mademoiselle Bernhardt had taken the hand of Madame George, who had been the mistress of Napoleon! Just three handshakes from Napoleon! It's not that the world is so small, but that history is so short. Four or five very old men could shake hands and take you right back to Shakespeare."

On this site, a character actor is just as important as a leading actor; and a leading actor/actress is just as important as the writers, directors and producers who hired them… In the sense that eventually, in the course of film history: everything connects.




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