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by James M. Tate
Having seen so many films, I had always wanted to create a website dedicated to the greatness of cinema, cult or otherwise. I tried my hand at the usual movie fan essay-blogs but felt something was missing. So I decided, if I were to make a movie website centering on the facts (and opinions) of some of the coolest films on earth, it should come straight from the horse’s mouth. And we’ve built up a pretty nice stable. It’s a lotta fun. A team effort.

Thanks for visiting this site. More Interviews can be found at the MOVIE REVIEW/INTERVIEW website.


“By focusing on original personalities, versatile characters and working class actors, James Tate’s fun and unique website provides colorful insights into the inner workings of Hollywood rarely seen by anyone outside the business. Cult Film Freak is the real deal.”
-Darrell Fetty (“Big Wednesday”)

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart; you did a magnificent job with the interview that you so graciously & generously did with me & the presentation of it is erudite & illuminating!”
-Harry Northup (“Taxi Driver”)

“Looks Good. I’ll have my publisher link it to my website…”
-Michael Madsen (“Reservoir Dogs”)

“Really cool and a lot of class.”
-Yaphet Kotto (“Alien”)